Ten Day YOU Challenge – #9 – Two Songs

Hey all,d

Now this one is going to be tricky. How am I supposed to choose just two songs? Expecially when music play such an important role in my life?

So… the dilemma is, do I write just two songs, and obsess about all the songs I should have chosen instead… Or just write about a bunch of them…

Without further adue, here goes.

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Ten Day YOU Challenge – #8 – Three Movies

Hey all,

Since I’m suffering from a terrible migraine today, the act of WATCHING a movie is impossible, so I’ve been trying to think about just three movies to list, and why. How can I choose just three? It’s insane, because I love movies. So I either throw out just a simple list (its much easier to not have to think so much with this damn headache) or actually take some time and put out a list that has some real meaning. Honestly, I hate churning something out, and things are so much more rewarding when I put some feeling into it.

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Ten Day YOU Challenge – #7 – Four Books

Hey all,

So we’re on to books today. This is something that’s quite daunting for me. How on earth can I list just four? I LOVE BOOKS. So I’m going to try my best, and see what happens. These are in not any particular order. Continue reading

Depression and Rising Above the Darkness.

Hey all,

Now onto some serious business. As anyone who knows me knows this, I suffer from Acute Depression at times, more often than I’d like to be honest. And sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. So I thought instead of writing about the depression and how it makes me feel, I’d write some of the ways I work on beating it. Sounds like a nice change of pace doesn’t it? Continue reading

Ten Day YOU Challenge – #6 – Five Foods

Hey guys,

Sorry again for the delays. Been dealing with a bunch of stuff, and my motivation has been pretty low. But I’m gonna try to push through it. So the first thing I want to get finished, is the Ten Day YOU Challenge. It’s been a long time coming. And plus it’s on food, so it should be quite easy. Because food is one of my all time favourite things. Continue reading