Quieting those voices

bfmh14-copy2Hey guys,

Now a question I often get asked is how do I stop those voices in the back of my mind? The ones who say that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough…

Well the answer isn’t a simple one, but here’s my two cents on it. Continue reading


Love and Bipolar


Earlier tonight I was speaking with a friend and we were discussing his relationship with his significant other. He told me how insignificant she makes him feel and that no matter how hard he tries, it’s never good enough for her. My words of advice were simple.. I said “Dude, just leave.” We talked for an hour about how sad he feels and also how he can’t imagine his life without her. So I asked him if he liked being sad and he said no. So it really is that simple. If you’re unhappy, change things. Talk about how you feel and if they feel the same way, they will meet you half way.

You see, relationships are complicated but at the same time simple. It’s about communication and compromise. If the wants and desires are lopsided and based on making just one person happy, then it’s doomed to fail. I’ve had relationships last for years based purely on the sex. I’ve stuck with girls that I’ve never loved but hoped  that one day I might. Having such an extreme emotional spectrum, makes things hard for me, but unlike a lot of other people, I learn from my mistakes.  Continue reading

Mania & Hyper-sexuality

First off I just want to thank all the new followers I’ve picked up over the last few days. All of your stories entertain and inspire me every single day. You all help me in ways I cannot describe and it’s made me feel like I’m a part of something greater.  Well now on to last nights festivities.

Well last night I had my biggest manic episode in months. It’s been almost a year since I went crazy like that. I couldn’t sit still. I couldn’t think straight. I was on cloud nine and I felt invincible. My self-esteem sky rockets and I feel that anything was possible. My creative levels went through the roof. I should have detected this was coming because for the last few days I’ve been especially creative and horny. I’m pretty interested in a certain gal and we go back and forth a lot and I don’t know if that was a trigger or not, but it sure was a lot of fun.  Continue reading

Surviving 101 aka Something’s gotta give

Hey guys,

Well I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, but I guess I’m feeling somewhat inspired and in desperate need of a distraction. Well I’m in day 2 of a downward patch. And I figured I’d channel some of this into something positive.

So here goes nothing. Continue reading

The future can be bright if you can make that change.

Hey guys,

I’m gonna try to make a bit of a transition in regards to my blogging and videos for YouTube. I wanna make it more about helping other people and less about talking entirely about myself. It felt self-indulgent and arrogant to talk about myself in such a matter. So I’m going to do my best to talk tips and tricks about helping with symptoms of Anxiety and various Mood Disorders. I also wanna try to lighten the mood a little and go into things I really love.

If you can stomach it, I rambled on about it in my latest video. Thanks again for you all for coming along on the latest leg of my journey.  Continue reading

Ten Day YOU Challenge – #4 – Seven Wants

Hey all…

Just a quick update, then onto the list. One of my housemates is bonkers, he’s out the front right now ranting and raving to himself. I’m genuinely scared of him now. It’s funny the things that don’t seem so important when you’re off your face. But now in my life without inebriation, that I find my comfort levels are dropping everyday. I have to sneak about just to feel comfortable even having a cigarette. Apparently the landlord is kicking him out soon, but it can’t happen soon enough. I hate feeling like a prisoner in my room.

Well enough of that annoying depresso crap, on to my next list. Seven Wants. I haven’t really thought  about this too much, so it should prove interesting. Here Goes! Continue reading

Ten Day YOU Challenge – #1 – Ten Secrets

Hey all…

Well first off, I needed to take a small break from the blog, as all this reflection and thinking was just doing my head in. And to be completely honest, I’ve just been thinking too much about my dad and the cancer.

So I came back online today and discovered a neat lil idea on http://halfwaybetweenthegutter.wordpress.com it’s called the 10 Day YOU Challenge. It has the potential to be very exposing for me. And that’s the idea. I’m trying to shed my natural tendencies to hide. From my feelings, relationships, from problems, hell from everything really. So I’m going to take the leap and throw it out there. I only place one condition upon myself.


So without further a due, here goes nothing. Continue reading