Distractions aka You can’t hide forever

As those who have been reading my blogs as of late can attest, I have been going through a bit lately especially in regards to emotional instability. I haven’t been like this in what feels like ages. Maybe this is what I get for not taking my meds for a few days.

Anyway, I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to trying to find ways to think about something else.. hell anything else really. I’ve discovered some awesome new bloggers on WordPress, and also been channeling all of the anxiety and tension and god awful neediness into writing more and more. In fact, I haven’t written this much in ages. So I have that to be thankful for at least.

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Music is my Barometer aka the Escapist Blog

Hey guys,

Well I’m sitting here listening to White Zombie’s La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol.1, yeah that’s right 1992’s finest! Actually this album brings back a lot of memories for me. I must admit, while trying my hardest to distract myself for my lack of love life, I’ve been feeling somewhat nostalgic. Been listening to a lot of old music I listened to in my teens and it’s amazing how music can trigger memories. It’s feels a lot like muscle memory how something like a particular bear or a riff can remind you of a different time taking you out of the here and now.

My fucking god I love music. It takes me on such an emotional journey. It can take me from the lowest lows to the highest of highs. Continue reading

Ten Day YOU Challenge – #9 – Two Songs

Hey all,d

Now this one is going to be tricky. How am I supposed to choose just two songs? Expecially when music play such an important role in my life?

So… the dilemma is, do I write just two songs, and obsess about all the songs I should have chosen instead… Or just write about a bunch of them…

Without further adue, here goes.

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Depression and Rising Above the Darkness.

Hey all,

Now onto some serious business. As anyone who knows me knows this, I suffer from Acute Depression at times, more often than I’d like to be honest. And sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. So I thought instead of writing about the depression and how it makes me feel, I’d write some of the ways I work on beating it. Sounds like a nice change of pace doesn’t it? Continue reading